Make your lawn as green as it can be. 


Lawn care at will become a high priority with people as summer draws near. What needs to be done in order to keep your lawn in a bright and healthy condition?


You might see how green and healthy some lawns are around your neighborhood as you drive past them. Nutrients make lawns healthy.


If you want your lawn to be as green as possible, you must begin to care for your lawn. You need to take care that your lawn is mowed properly, aerated liberally, and watered sufficiently of you want to see a much greener lawn.


Why is the grass on your lawn not as green as you have expected it to be? It might be because of all the traffic going on around your lawn. How much traffic your lawn is subjected to directly affects how it looks. Check and see if there are people always moving around in your lawn, because they are actually disturbing the aeration of your lawn. It is not good for grass to lack oxygen. How to solve this is by aerating your lawn.


Try to observe if there are flattened surfaces on your lawn where the ground is more dense and compact. In this case, you need to aerate your lawn. Best results in aerating your lawn is achieved during springtime or fall. Never aerate your lawn during summer.


Sometimes it is because your lawn doesn't receive the amount of sunlight it needs, because of surrounding trees. Shadows block sunlight and prevents your lawn to produce its bright green color. Any branch that casts a shadow on the lawn needs to be trimmed so they will no longer block the sunlight.


Thatch and small debris can also hinder the grass on your lawn to stay green. Thatch must be kept to less than half an inch long. What raking does is give freer aeration for your grass. It also helps in the distribution of nutrients on the soil and the grass.


In order for your lawn to look greenest, it is vital that you do it at the right time. Use the following measurements as a guide. Coarse grass, 1-inch; fine grass 1/2 inch. Grass that is cut too long can block the flow of water and sunlight to the soil, while too short is also not good.


Water is probably the most important ingredient in making your lawn look great. Early in the morning is the best time to water your lawn. Doing this enables the soil to absorb as much water as it can without losing much because of evaporation. It is important to make sure that all areas are watered equally.



Having a greener lawn at is a good thing to have in summer.